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The Polynesians first settled American Samoa and its small group of islands some 3,000 years ago. In 1722 they were discovered by Jacob Roggeveen, a Dutch explorer.. In 1900 it became an unorganized U.S. territory, and in fact, it's today the only U.S. territory located south of the Equator.. While there is a strong American influence in the islands, American Samoans proudly retain their. Map Samoa 2 Maps Update 780323 Of Islands And With Island WORLD.

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Where is Samoa? / Where is Samoa Located in The World? / Samoa Map – Samoa is located in the South Pacific Ocean on the Oceania continent and is a country composed of a community of islands. Samoa country is an ideal holiday destination with its Blue Sea, beaches, forests, waterfalls and fascinating sights.

Where is samoa on the world map. About American Samoa: The Facts: Capital: Pago Pago. Area: 77 sq mi (199 sq km). Population: ~ 54,000. Official language: English, Samoan. Currency: United States. Map of Samoa and travel information about Samoa brought to you by Lonely Planet. Samoa, formerly called Western Samoa, is famed for its natural beauty and friendly people. Originally settled by the Tongan Polynesians, it was the European explorers and missionaries that transformed these islands for better or for worse.

Politically the two jurisdictions of the Samoa Islands are; Samoa, an independent nation, situated at the western half of the islands, gained political independence in 1962 (2,831 km 2 (1,093 sq mi) and 196,000 inhabitants (2016)). Formerly known as German Samoa (1900–1914) and Western Samoa (up to 1997).. Capital Apia, currency Samoan tala. American Samoa, an unincorporated territory of the. A collection of placemarks showing useful places in American Samoa (from a sailing cruiser perspective), and tracks documenting our car tour of the island one day. Put together by the Tahina. John Moen is a cartographer who along with his wife are the orignal founders of worldatlas.com. He and his wife, Chris Woolwine-Moen, produced thousands of award-winning maps that are used all over the world and content that aids students, teachers, travelers and parents with their geography and map questions.

Where is Samoa located on the world map? Samoa is located in the Polynesia, Oceania and lies between latitudes 13° 35' S, and longitudes 172° 20' W. American Samoa South Pacific Map page view American Samoa political, physical, country maps, satellite images photos and where is American Samoa location in World map. Samoa Map World – Map USA Map Of Ukraine Crimea Us Northeast Region Maps Map Of Rivers In Colorado Region Map Of Us Map Of New Guinea Map Of Jarkarta Counties Of England Maps Germany Maps With Towns And Cities

Samoa map also shows that Samoa is a coutry constituting the western part of the Samoan Islands. It was earlier known as German Samoa and also Western Samoa. Mainly, it consists of two islands, the larger one is Savai’i and the smaller one is Upolu; however, the capital city Apia and Faleolo International airport are located on this island. Infoplease is the world's largest free reference site. Facts on world and country flags, maps, geography, history, statistics, disasters current events, and international relations. Samoa Map | Infoplease Map of the Independent State of Samoa : One World – Nations Online .:. let's care for this planet Promote that every nation assumes responsibility for our world. Nations Online Project is made to improve cross-cultural understanding and global awareness. More signal – less NOISE :

Samoa has competed at every Rugby World Cup since 1991, and made the quarter finals in 1991, 1995 and the second round of the 1999 World Cup. At the 2003 world cup, Manu Samoa came close to beating eventual world champions, England. Samoa also played in the Pacific Nations Cup and the Pacific Tri-Nations. Samoa in the World Atlas with the map and detailed information about people, economy, geography and politics of Samoa. Including stats numbers, flags and overview map for all countries. About Samoa: The Facts: Capital: Apia. Area: 1,097 sq mi (2,842 sq km). Population: ~ 193,000. Largest cities: Apia. Official language: Samoan, English. Currency.

Description: This map shows islands, cities, towns, villages, main roads, airports, mountains and landforms in Samoa. Description: This map shows where Samoa is located on the World Map.

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