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Seattle Fault Map Strait of Juan de Fuca Fault Map The Puget Sound faults under the highly populated Seattle and Puget Sound region of Washington state form a regional network of interrelated seismologic geologic faults. Scientists believe the cause of that big earthquake was a fault that lies right beneath our feet. The Seattle fault bisects the city west to east, from Alki Point in West Seattle, through downtown.

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A reverse fault occurs when two blocks are pushed together and one moves up and over the other. Reverse faults are usually steep and occur in regions of compression. The Seattle fault is a good example of a fault that is mostly reverse. This means that when the Seattle fault ruptures the south side of the fault moves up relative to the north side.

Seattle fault lines map. There are many seismically active fault zones across the United States and some still have to be discovered. Here we present a list of the most dangerous fault lines in the USA, those known to have caused terrible damage in the past. What are the most dangerous fault lines in the USA? Map via USGS. 1. The Cascadia Subduction Zone, Pacific Northwest In 1996, LIDAR identified a previously unknown section of the Seattle fault zone. "That's how we discovered Toe Jam," said Haugerud, of the Seattle office of the U.S. Geological Survey. The Seattle Fault runs east-west just south of downtown, yet we did not know our city straddled an active fault until the 1990s. It is capable of generating up to a magnitude 7.7 earthquake, many times smaller than a Cascadia megaquake, but possibly more deadly, because the quaking would occur directly below a densely populated area.

This Temblor map shows the extent of the Seattle Fault Zone. While the recent swarm appears to have occurred on the fault zone, it actually appears to have taken place beneath the Seattle Fault. This map also shows the tsunami inundation zone for the area. Such a tsunami would be caused by a large Seattle Fault earthquake. The Seattle Fault Zone is located in the Seattle metropolitan area in the state of Washington in the United States of America. The approximate location is shown in the embedded Google Map below. The zone is shown within the two dashed lines in Figure 1.1. and is composed of four south dipping thrust faults (Johnson et al., 1994). The Seattle Fault is a zone of multiple shallow east-west thrust faults that cross the Puget Sound Lowland and through Seattle (in the U.S. state of Washington) in the vicinity of Interstate Highway 90.The Seattle Fault was first recognized as a significant seismic hazard in 1992, when a set of reports showed that about 1,100 years ago it was the scene of a major earthquake of about magnitude.

Seattle Fault Lines. 552 – Hood Canal fault zone (Class B) 570 – Seattle fault zone 572 – Southern Whidbey Island fault zone 575 – Saddle Mountain faults Seattle Seismic Hazard Maps and Data The USGS has produced a new series of earthquake hazard maps for the City of Seattle. These ‘urban seismic hazard’ maps provide a much higher-resolution view of the potential for strong earthquake shaking than previously available. The Seattle Fault is a zone of complex thrust and reverse faults – between lines E and F on the map – up to 7 km wide and over 70 km long that delineates the north edge of the Seattle Uplift. It stands out in regard of its east–west orientation, depth to bedrock, and hazard to an urban population center.

The Seattle fault, which runs from Bainbridge Island, across the Puget Sound, and through West Seattle and Bellevue, is an example of a fault formed as a result of the Earth horizontally compressing. USGS scientist Brian Sherrod provided the fault locations that we now show on the PNSN map . [1] Where the Seattle fault ends to the west and east remains a mystery, and knowing the fault’s length is crucial to understanding how large of an earthquake it could produce. This map shows the primary earthquake faults in the Puget Sound and other less prominent faults. This map is useful in showing the location and approximate length of faults but does not provide the impact an earthquake from a fault could have on the area surrounding.

Washington’s fault lines tend to sweep east-west. Faults running on the Snohomish County-Skagit County line and between Port Townsend and Whidbey Island point toward Vancouver Island. The Seattle Fault zone runs throught the city of Seattle and represents a major threat for its ihnabitants. Map by Department of Natural Resources. Across the northern portion of Bainbridge Island, light radar or lidar images taken from airplanes clearly show the Seattle Fault running right on the surface. The Seattle fault is recognized as a significant seismic hazard; evidence has indicated that it was the cause of a major 7.0 magnitude earthquake approximately 1,100 years ago (Haugerud, 2009). The potential effects of a comparable 7.2 magnitude earthquake were modeled for the Seattle Fault zone by the Washington State Department of Natural.

The Washington Geological Survey develops, produces, and publishes a large variety of maps and reports on the hazards faced by our state. This page contains a collection of these resources and a brief description of each item. Detailed information can be found in the map or report. All of the following resources can also be found on our Publications and Maps page, through the Combining all the various lines of evidence, researchers concluded that one day about 1,100 years ago the land south of the Seattle Fault line shot up 20 feet and the area north of it dropped at least 3 feet during a magnitude 7.5+ earthquake. Geologists also concluded that this earthquake occurred less than 10 miles beneath Seattle.

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