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The Northeast also contains the bulk of the African immigrant population in the United States. While much of the region is highly diverse, the Northeast also contains the three states with the highest percentage of European Americans: Maine (96.9 percent white), Vermont (96.9 percent), and New Hampshire (96.2 percent). Scope: population of selected states in the Northeast 0 200 400 600 800 1,000 1,200 # New Jersey Rhode Island Massachusetts Connecticut New York Pennsylvania New Hampshire Vermont Maine 1,212.074009

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This graph shows the population density of the United States of America from 1790 to 2019. In 2019, the population density was approximately 92.9 residents per square mile of land area.

Population of northeast united states. Map of states showing population density (2013) This is a list of the 50 U.S. states , territories, and U.S. Census Bureau divisions and regions ordered by population density . This data is from the 2013 estimate of population by the United States Census Bureau . The United States contains a highly diverse population. Unlike a country such as China that largely incorporated indigenous peoples, the United States has a diversity that to a great degree has come from an immense and sustained global immigration. Probably no other country has a wider range of racial, ethnic, and cultural types than does the United States. Region Population Percentage; Northeast: 55,982,803: 17.1%: Midwest: 68,329,004: 20.8%: West: 78,347,268: 23.9%: South: 125,580,448: 38.3%

The Northeastern United States, also referred to as the American Northeast or simply the Northeast, is a geographical region of the United States bordered to the north by Canada, to the east by the Atlantic Ocean, to the south by the southern United States, and to the west by the midwestern United States.The Northeast is one of the four regions defined by the United States Census Bureau for. The Northeastern United States, or simply the Northeast, is a region defined by the US Census Bureau. It consists of New England , New York , Pennsylvania and New Jersey . The border States of Delaware and Maryland and other states are sometimes included in other definitions of the Northeast. The Northeast region of the United States includes some of the most populous cities, some of the oldest history, and some of the most amazing geography. It is home to famous hospitals, sports.

The United States Census of 1940, conducted by the Census Bureau, determined the resident population of the United States to be 132,164,569, an increase of 7.3 percent over the 1930 population of 122,775,046 people. The census date of record was April 1, 1940. A number of new questions were asked including where people were 5 years before, highest educational grade achieved, and information. Philadelphia, United States Population. Population in Urban Area, now. 5,717,206. Population in City Area, mid 2020. 1,591,886. Philadelphia Population Graphs. Urban Area;. United States. Other Biggest Cities in the United States. New York City 19 M. Los Angeles 12 M. Chicago 9 M. Houston 6 M. Dallas 6 M. Miami 6 M. Atlanta 6 M. Philadelphia. United States: 138,539,906 ±4,033 Value $279,700 ±$762 Median value of owner-occupied housing units

This section compares the 50 most populous of those to each other, the Northeast, and the United States. The least populous of the compared metro areas has a population of 116,313. Non-White Population by Metro Area #27 The South and the West gained population, while the Northeast and the Midwest lost population. Which region of the United States experienced the greatest decrease in population by percentage from 2000 to 2004? Northeast United States Social determinants of health, 2016. High School Education. Percent of Population with a High School Education, 2016 88.8 87.5 Region United States Income Inequality. Income Inequality (Gini Coefficient), 2016 0.492 0.481 Region United States Living in Poverty.

"Northeast" including much of Maryland and eastern Virginia; These are the combined statistical areas of the Southeastern region which exceed 1 million in population according to the United States Census Bureau's 2016 estimates. Note that the metropolitan areas of Tampa and Richmond are not included in any CSAs, so they are included in the. The Northeastern United States, or simply the Northeast, is a region defined by the US Census Bureau.It consists of New England, New York, Pennsylvania and New Jersey.The border States of Delaware and Maryland and other states are sometimes included in other definitions of the Northeast. Cities in the Northeast include Boston, Philadelphia and New York City. The Northeast region is one of the most urban areas in the United States. It also leads the nation as the most economically developed and culturally diverse region. Based on 2017 Census Bureau estimates, the state of New York is the most populous in the Northeast with a population of over 19.8 million people.

The 26 states that make up the Eastern U.S. (as well as Washington, D.C) is home to over 58% of the nation’s total population. Per 2011 estimates, these states had a total population of nearly 180 million inhabitants. The largest city in the Eastern U.S. is New York City, which has a population of over 8.6 million inhabitants. New York City. Northeast Midwest West South. United States Population by Age and Sex | | play/pause | | [PDF] or denotes a file in Adobe’s Portable Document Format. To view the file, you will need the Adobe® Reader.

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