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Maps of France. Collection of detailed maps of France. Political, administrative, road, physical, topographical, travel and other maps of France. Cities of France on the maps. Maps of France in English. France Map Click on the areas below on the interactive map to find out more information. France Today is the leading website and print magazine written for an international audience of educated Francophiles interested in French travel, culture, gastronomy, shopping & entertainment, art & design, society & history.

Map of France, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Spain

A carefully selected tourism map of France. Discover the best places to visit in France, not just the most popular ones. As well as locating the best big tourist cities, this map shows the most interesting and attractive smaller cities, interesting small towns – many of them well off the usual tourist trails – a choice of the most beautiful French villages (not just those that are signed up to.

Map of france and its cities. Terminology. A commune is the smallest and ancient administrative division in France. " Commune" in English has a historical bias, and implies an association with socialist political movements or philosophies, collectivist lifestyles, or particular history (after the rising of the Paris Commune, 1871, which could have more felicitously been called, in English, "the rising of the City of Paris"). Regions & departments in France. Use the map below to quickly find our detailed review for any region, department or place in France and access our detailed guide for that destination. Each of these individual regions, departments and places on francethisway also has a more detailed map showing many of the highlights and places in that French. Here you will find the map of population density of France, the map of cities of France and finally the detailed classification of the 5 main french areas: Paris, Lyon, Marseille, Lille, Toulouse The urban area is a concept developed by INSEE to understand and describe the organization of the geographical area of France. An urban area is defined by INSEE as a continuum formed by an urban.

Map of france and its cities Paris lyon marseille lille toulouse the urban area is a concept developed by insee to understand and describe the organization of the geographical area of france. The 5 largest cities of france are municipal population in 2006. Lots of maps of France See left column (large screen) or below (small screen device) for list of general and thematic maps 1. General map of France showing main towns & cities This map shows all mainland French regional capitals, plus other major regional towns and cities that are not regional capitals. Southern France . If you're interested in castles and walled cities, you shouldn't miss Carcassonne, one of the larger cities in the Aude department of the Languedoc region, commonly known as "Cathar Country," where the religious sect known as the Cathars retreated to remote castles to avoid religious persecution.

The Hundred Years' War (actually 116 years) between England and France was a bloody affair, and at its end the English were finally vanquished from the land, and the heroic feats of Joan of Arc (and others) memorialized in the history of France for all time.Religious conflicts and civil wars continued, and then in 1643, Louis XIV assumed the throne. France is a unitary semi-presidential republic with its capital in Paris, the country's largest city and main cultural and commercial centre. Other major urban areas include Lyon, Marseille, Toulouse, Bordeaux, Lille and Nice. France, including its overseas territories, has the most time zones of any country, with a total of 12. Provence seems to be nearly everyone's favorite bit of France.The natives are friendly, the summer weather is superb, the wine is good, and a pastis before dinner is delightfully numbing as you sit in the shade with little more to do than plop tiny, clear, and perfectly formed ice cubes into a cloud of anise-flavored liquor.

Largest Cities: (by population) Paris, Marseille, Lyon. Toulouse, Nice, Nantes, Strasbourg; Name: The name France is from the Latin word 'Francia' meaning country of the Franks, a Germanic people who conquered the area during the 5th century. National Day: July 14 Administrative divisions: France is divided into 27 regions, 101 departments, 343 districts (arrondissements), 4 058 townships (cantons) and 36 699 Towns (communes). Population of France: In 2010, the population of France was estimated at 65 447 374 inhabitants. Largest cities of France: The 5 largest cities of France are (municipal population in 2006) : 1-Paris, 2-Marseille, 3-Lyon, 4. France, country of northwestern Europe. Historically and culturally among the most important nations in the Western world, France has also played a highly significant role in international affairs for centuries. Its capital is Paris, one of the most important cultural and commercial centers in the world.

Toulouse is nicknamed la villa rose, or the “pink city”, for its buildings comprised of signature light red terra cotta bricks made from the river Garonne's reddish mud. The city grew into prominence during the 15 th century as a major producer of blue dye. Toulouse was among the wealthiest cities in France, but the economy took a major hit when a cheaper alternative pigment, indigo, was. Book Your Trip To France. Get your dream travel planned & booked by local travel experts. At Rough Guides, we understand that experienced travellers want to get truly off-the-beaten-track.That’s why we’ve partnered with local experts to help you plan and book tailor-made trips that are packed with personality and stimulating adventure – at all levels of comfort. Map of France, Western Europe. The map shows Metropolitan France, which consists of the French mainland and the island of Corsica. Depicted on the map is France with international borders, the national capital Paris, region capitals, major cities, main roads, and major airports.

You can customize the map before you print! Click the map and drag to move the map around. Position your mouse over the map and use your mouse-wheel to zoom in or out. Reset map { These ads will not print }. France. Favorite Share More Directions Sponsored Topics. Description Legal. Help. France × Show Labels. You can customize the map before you print! Click the map and drag to move the map around. Position your mouse over the map and use your mouse-wheel to zoom in or out.

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