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That is very hard to answer because 20th Century history would have likely taken a very different course had this happened. There are a few things, however, that would be highly probable that we can guess at. East Prussia, West Prussia, Pomerania,… What would have happened if Germany had won World War I? It depends on when they win it. If they win a short war in 1914, with the Schlieffen Plan [the plan to quickly defeat the French first to avoid fighting on two fronts] working, it’s different than if they win a negotiated victory after a long, hard fight at the end of 1916 or early in 1917, which is the other possibility.

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Europe would have been different if Germany had won in 1918. It would have been grim, repressive and unpredictable in many ways. But there is a plausible case for saying many fewer people would.

Map of europe if germany won ww1. This map describes how different military authorities prepared for war: for example the Schlieffen Plan for Germany, and France’s Plan XVII. Towards the Clash of Nations 1871-1914 With the unification of Germany and Italy, there were six European powers intent on playing an international role. If Germany Won… A Fictional Map of a German-Dominated Post-WW2 Europe – [2105 x 1909] Close. 306. Posted by 5 years ago.. My only guess is Germany respected the Nordic nations and possibly accepted their national determination? During WW2, Denmark was the only country Germany didn't annex land from that it had previously lost land to from WW1. map of europe if germany won ww1 (kaiserreich). 2020 n-i-c-h. i wasted a bunch of time drawing this map of the kaiserreich universe, which is an alternate history if germany won world war one. this isnt my story or idea, i just think its interesting. i did not make the borders but i drew the map, the whole thing. cheers.

What would a map of Europe look like if Germany had won World War 2? 114 115 116. Answer. Top Answer. Wiki User. 2011-09-13 17:49:03 2011-09-13 17:49:03. It all depends upon which way Germany won. How close Nazi Germany came to dominating Europe. Map by Morgan Hauser via Wikimedia What if Hitler and the Nazis had won World War II? This is perhaps the greatest historical 'what if' of all time. The map above shows just how close they came. This has led both novelists and historians to… Map Of Europe If The Central Powers Won World War I regarding Map Of Germany After Ww1 Deutschland ist innen Core Europa, begrenzt einfach Dänemark, Polen, Niederlande, Belgien, Tschechische Republik Republik , Österreich, Frankreich, Schweiz auch Luxemburg. Deutschlands main und meridional locales sicherlich haben Hinterwälder Klippen und sogar Spitzen durchschneiden durchlaufen von Donau.

Germany Germany would’ve become slightly larger but nothing approaching Hitler’s Reich (Franche-Comte region of France, Belgium, Luxembourg and maybe the Baltic States would have been annexed). There was talk during the war of betraying their Aust… A hypothetical Axis victory in World War II has become a common concept of alternative history and counterfactual history.Such writings express ideas of what the world would be like had the Axis powers of Germany, Italy, and Japan won World War II.Numerous examples exist in several languages worldwide. The term Pax Germanica, Latin for "German peace", is sometimes used for this theoretical. In the context of the history of the 20th century, the interwar period was the period between the end of the First World War on November 11, 1918 and the beginning of the Second World War on September 1, 1939. This period is also colloquially referred to as Between the Wars.. Despite the relatively short period of time, this period represented an era of significant changes worldwide.

Map of europe if germany won ww1. This has led both novelists and historians to. What if germany in 1914 didnt invade belgium focused on invading russia and securing a victory for the triple alliance in world war one. At least we can see that the outcome mattered. This is not a what if story. Europe would definitely be different if germany won in 1918. Map of europe if germany won ww2. The outcome of the first world war certainly made an. Nazi war chiefs had big plans for britain allegedly wanting to seize winston churchill s ancestral seat blenheim palace as hitler s own personal holiday home. WW1 WW2 Test; First Semester Exam; Exam Study Guide; Map of Europe Before and After World War 1, what new countries did the Treaty of Versailles and the Treaty of Breast-Litovsk create? Before World War 1 After World War 1. Button Text. Powered by Create your own unique.

Europe Map before World War 1. Here we have a map of Europe before the break out of WW1. As you can see there are some Countries that have remained relatively the same. Norway, Sweden, Portugal, Spain, France, Switzerland, Belgium, Netherlands and Italy to name a few. What is different is that there a number of Empires also on the map. European alliances in 1914. Immediately prior to the war's outbreak in 1914, Central Europe was dominated by two powerful states: Germany to the north and its weaker cousin, the Austro-Hungarian. National boundaries in Europe were redrawn after the First World War. Germany was forced to relinquish territories under the terms of the Treaty of Versailles signed in 1919. The successor states of (German) Austria, which was forbidden to enter into an alliance with Germany, Hungary and Czechoslovakia, were carved from the territory of the.

Europe would definitely be different if Germany won in 1918. There could have been a darker and more repressed feel to Europe; however, there is a plausible cause for stating there could have been far fewer people dying in 20 th century Europe. Re: What if Germany would won WW1 Austria-Hungary wouldn't have annexed all that parts. The main goal of them was to rule the Balkans and maybe a part of Eastern Europe economically and politically, but they mainly just wanted some territories near borders to annex (Belgrad, for example).

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